No jobs in academia? Consider becoming a scientist-entrepreneur.

An interesting article showing how the skillset you have as a researcher can be very useful for your career as a scientist-entrepreneur.

Take money from Business Angels or Venture Capitalist to develop your own idea can be a valid alternative to raise money from federal and no-profit organizations.

You have a solution to solve a problem (your research), you can write a business plan (like you write a grant application), you are able to pitch your idea (like you pitch during seminars), you are probably a scientist-entrepreneur right now.

If academia represents intellectual freedom and independence, and industry represents job security and earning potential, then entrepreneurship is the best of both worlds.

In a biotech start-up, you are taking your own idea and framing it within the context of an applicable product. There is no more translational research than this, which epitomizes bench to bedside. Taking money from a private entity to get you started is not all that different from taking money from the federal government or not-for-profit organization (NPO); in fact, you will still need to do this as a private company.

Author of the article: University Affairs
Commented by: Enrico Cattaneo


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