Physicists to Silicon Valley.

I am a PhD candidate in Physics. I am working on machine learning, transforming neural networks into hardware technology.

Sometimes, talking with some colleagues of mine, other physicists, it emerges a common concern about the lack of positions in academia and being “unsuitable” for the “external” world...

Well, let me say it is impressive to read this article and discover how many people out there, working in outstanding companies, are indeed physicist! They come from Astrophysics, Nuclear physics... They are everywhere.

“We didn’t go into the physics kindergarten and steal a basket of children,” says Stripe president and co-founder John Collison. “It just happened.” And it’s happening across Silicon Valley.

“In the early days of Google, one of the key people building the massively distributed systems in the company’s engine room was Yonatan Zunger, who has a PhD in string theory from Stanford.”

Author of the article: Cade Metz
Commented by: Daniele Conti


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Daniele Conti - PhD Candidate in Physics

PhD Candidate in Physics