Entrepreneurship as a State of Mind: follow the steps which brought Sara Diani to merge Research and Entrepreneurship.

I was a clinical doctor, I worked in Italy and Germany in the rehabilitation field, but I had a major interest, a fire inside, for research. In particular for the theoretical research in medicine.

In the hospital, I saw so many cases of acute and chronic incurable diseases. I was observing the patients and our clinical practice and I was unsatisfied. I touched with my hands the actual limits of medicine. I mean, medicine in the latest years improved a lot, especially in the surgical and technological field, but there are a lot of difficulties in finding new drugs, and especially new approaches to diseases.

Parallel to my clinical activity I made a lot of courses in the lasts eight years and, together with my daily work, I understood the potential of our organism, the great magic, marvel of life. I began studying the logic of our organism, the logic of life. I'm passionate in philosophy and physics, and I started reading them intensively, and binding them to medicine.

My key-approach is the following: in order to improve consistently the entire clinical practice, we deeply need to change our approach to health and diseases. The only way to do this is to bind and use different disciplines, such as philosophy, physics, mathematics and biology, to build an inclusive, coherent and complete theoretical approach. If we reach this comprehension, this clarity and logic, we can apply and derive the general model to the particular cases in order to treat them.

This means that in order to face the problems in which medicine is stuck, we need to develop a new paradigm. My specialty is to bind different disciplines, to discover the common points between them, and use them to build theoretical models that explain reality. Reality first, abstraction second.

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With further studies, I started putting all together, like a puzzle, and I built my vision. Still, I was stuck, always working in the hospital. Then something changed: I had a severe disease, and I needed to stop to heal myself. I combined my theoretical approach to the therapies in order to cure myself and it worked. Additionally, I thought: "I don't know why this happened to me, but I pretend it was because I need to learn something". Afterwards, I understood that learning wasn't enough, I needed to evolve.

I saw the big opportunity in the big difficulty. Month after month, I realized that my route was in the research field. This was the first important step.

So I decided to do research as an independent researcher, for two reasons:

  • In the past, professors of different universities told me my projects were awesome, but too difficult to realize. So I couldn't accede to a PhD.
  • I wanted freedom, time to think different, to develop my ideas in the best way, and I wanted to act like an entrepreneur.

The second step was to find a financial plan to overcome at least the first year, and I found a safe way.

The whole 2016 was necessary to prepare myself from the scientific and business point of view. I started writing a book, I thought and wrote the first important physical model, that was read and examined by an important Professor, who approved the content. I continued studying and amplifying my knowledge. My approach is innovative, but scientifically rigorous. I prove all my ideas, test them through the facts, and ask for expertise to improve them and make them more precise.

My research projects are actually four:

  • The first, very important, is about complex systems and philosophy of medicine. We are a complex system and we need to adapt our medical approach to this. Philosophy of medicine is also significant to understand the nature of health and diseases. Now I'm focusing myself especially on this one, because it's the most urgent and inclusive.
  • Modern physics applied to medicine. I found a way to use the quantum field theory, combined with physics of information, to model our way to reach and answer to different kind of information. This can be decisive in developing new kind of drugs or stimuli to treat diseases or to maintain a healthy state.
  • Immune system and chronic diseases: network medicine is a new discipline. To deeply understand chronic diseases is necessary to observe immunological networks and diseases network. This will allow also new approaches in the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Philosophy of consciousness. This is the "new entry" of 2016. It is impossible to model our organism and ignoring our brain, our emotions and our mind. So I started to understand how the body and the brain communicate, how consciousness emerges, how the rules of complex systems influence it. I created my model of consciousness and asked myself whether free will and willpower exist and how we can use them to improve the patient's pro-activity in curing diseases. There's also the actual challenge of AI, that is multidisciplinary by itself.

Actually, I'm writing the first papers, and this is an important part of my daily routine. The second part is business.

The real challenge is to create a business with theoretical research. In fact, normally is possible to create a business with an income when there's a product, a patent, or a concrete system/algorithm. In my case, this is not possible, because products, or patents, will come after years and years of research. Normally theoretical research is funded, and it is not financially autonomous. My challenge, my big bet is to make my research financially independent and productive.

So my big question was: how can I run an entrepreneurial activity without nothing to sell but ideas? I understood it was necessary to discover a market addressed by my research.

But, how? I found an answer, this is actually a work in progress. I need to communicate what I'm doing. Not to inform, to communicate. I need to assemble a community of people who can agree with something I propose and who shares ideas. I suggest and publish contents, divulge the core basic ideas on my website, my Facebook page and other social networks. I'm now creating a "tribe", a network of people who can collaborate and share some important thoughts. Then I will sell my book, and by the time I'll develop other valuable content to share and/or to sell. This means to develop web strategies, learn how to communicate with external people, learn everything possible about the online world.

To compound the research and this business part is challenging but fascinating. I need to be flexible, open, efficient and quick. As I wrote it's a work in progress, but now I understand I couldn't do anything different. I'm realizing myself, giving myself the possibility to bring my personal "plus" to the world.

To be entrepreneur of myself is a mindset, an attitude. It means to be ready to work on myself in order to improve my working activity. It means to stop dividing my person from my job, to stop being a day laborer. It implies the willingness to evolve as a human being through my job, and at the same time, the willingness to evolve in my job through the development of my person.

I hope to improve continuously on this route, I hope to bring the best part of me to the world.


Does MARS42 sounds interesting to you? Let us tell you more about it!