Why PhDs are potential entrepreneurs?

We are used to think that Entrepreneurship and Academia are two completely different worlds. Well, I’m not so sure, and this article will show you why.

The purpose of a PhD is not just about producing an original piece of excellent research. Neither is obtaining a degree certificate. Instead it’s about driving changes in society through the conclusions of a few years of hard research. And during these years - other than writing scientific papers - PhDs have to be able to blog (write abstract), pitch (seminars and defenses) and teach about their research (and more) to any kind of audience (conferences and practical lessons).

If you compare the life of an entrepreneur with yours as a PhD, you found out more similarities than you expected:

An entrepreneur has to be able to convince consumers (your students and practitioners), investors (the research center founding you) and key personalities (academicians, colleagues, practitioners) that you’re solving a relevant problem (research question) and that your solution (thesis) has sounded value proposition (implications) and business model (applications).

So what differentiates entrepreneurs from PhD candidates? Well, I’ll say it’s vision. 


Author of the article: Maria Angel Ferrero - Teaching assistant at University of Montpellier
Commented by: Alessandro Coltro - Lean Startup Practitioner


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