How to turn Scientists into Entrepreneurs using Lean Startup Techniques

How would you feel if after years spent designing a sophisticated solution, you get a "You’re not in the lab anymore. This is Silicon Valley. Go out and interview 10 companies in this space before tomorrow and tell us if they really have any interest in buying this software."?

This different way of thinking is called "Lean Startup Methodology" and can help anyone launch a new product or venture, whether it is someone tinkering in a garage somewhere, a group of executives at a major corporation, or a scientist with a fundamentally new discovery.

But, most of all, this approach can literally change the way you do science, with respect to the types of experiments you perform, how you write grant proposals, and how you prepare papers for publication.

Author of the article: Greg Satell, Harvard Business Review
Commented by: Alessandro Coltro - Lean Startup Practitioner

Learn how to apply your scientific skills in the industry world and have an impact on the innovation space.