MARS42’s Faculty: introducing Daniel Paz.

As we promised, here we are with a new blog post introducing the  faculty members of MARS42.

Today is the turn of Daniel Paz, the founder and CEO of Mercurio Ventures, a Berlin based venture building platform for hi-tech startups. The firm identifies hi potential ventures and helps them grow into the next level to reach commercial and financial success. Mercurio Ventures provides teams with the tools they need to grow and succeed. These include market and business planning, logistics, financials and strategy. The portfolio of companies Mercurio Ventures works with is diverse with teams from Silicon Valley, Israel, Iceland, India, France, Germany and more.

Before founding Mercurio Ventures, Daniel managed the supply chain of GE Healthcare for the Israeli biotech sector via its local distributor, Danyel Biotech Ltd. In this position he oversaw the distribution and performance of multiple world leading bio tech manufacturers serving Israel’s advanced biotech ecosystem, which included among others three Nobel Prize winners and pharma giant TEVA.

Daniel holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau and a B.Sc. in Life Sciences from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Daniel, as faculty member, will help us understanding how to negotiate the concept of IP, its dynamics in different environments and how to negotiate IP licensing between PhDs, investors and universities. 

I am really happy to help young researchers dealing with IP and licensing, understanding their dynamics in different environments and the best negotiation strategies to gain value and profit from them. MARS42 has the ambitious goal to close the gap between academia and the industry, and that’s the reason why I am glad to be part of this exciting project as faculty member.
— Daniel Paz

Does MARS42 sounds interesting to you?