MARS42’s Faculty: introducing Massimo Debenedetti.

New member of the faculty, new blog post!

Today we are glad to introduce Massimo Debenedetti, Corporate Vice President for Research & Innovation at Fincantieri, where his main accountabilities are: to define the R&D corporate strategy, plan and budget, to manage and execute the R&D corporate plan, to drive the Innovation Process, to manage Intellectual Property.

He currently serves also as a Director in the boards of CETENA, Fincantieri’s Corporate Research Centre, and Trieste International Foundation for Scientific Progress and Freedom. He is also a member of the Scientific Committee of Area Science Park in Trieste.

In addition to his experience in the Corporate World, in October 2016 Massimo joint the Adjunct Faculty of Luiss Business School in Rome as adjunct professor of Innovation Management, where he is responsible for designing and teaching a brand new course of International Innovation & Entrepreneurship given in the Master in International Management.

He gives lectures on innovation strategy and management on a regular basis and - previously - he held positions as adjunct professor in Materials Science and Engineering at Turin University and Polytechnic.

Based on his experience, Massimo - as a faculty member - will help us understanding what it means to manage R&D in industry and the entire Innovation Process, and how the role of the R&D Manager inside companies is changing.

I am glad to take part of this Summer School as a faculty member because I do believe that MARS42 can really close the gap between Academia and Industry and - based on my professional experience - I am more than happy to help ambitious researchers understanding how to apply their scientific skills outside the Academia in order to have an impact on Innovative Corporations.
— Massimo Debenedetti

Learn how to apply your scientific skills in the industry world and have an impact on the innovation space.