MARS42's Speakers: Introducing Cristina and Andrea from Impactscool

Science fiction today overcomes reality, and our present and future address us with questions that affect ethical and social aspects of our lives, which for a long time have not been questioned in the history of humanity. Will we be human, will we be at the centre driving of technological change that awaits us in the future, or will we be watching, passively?

We face an epochal change, dictated by technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic, blockchain, 3D printing, genetics, biotechnology, nanotechnology.

Not only are they powerful more than any other seen in history, both taken individually and in their combined and converging effects, but they also grow at a speed that makes it difficult to perceive them until they have already come to mass adoption.

These technologies and deriving changes insist on ethical, social and institutional issues that for centuries have not been questioned that strongly, requiring a major reflection on the part of everyone, as human beings.

Never as in the present era, it’s been necessary to learn how to face and think about the future, learning to imagine future scenarios and make the choices of today, according to the direction in which we want to go tomorrow.

Impactscool arises from these considerations, an organization aiming to bring debate, training and collaboration on these technologies for free in schools and universities around the world. A global movement that starts from Italy, boosting critical thinking, creativity, ability to collaborate and flexibility: skills that are the basis of our own humanity, and which will be essential to tackle and drive the future in the best direction.

Impactscool was born from an initiative by Cristina Pozzi and Andrea Dusi, entrepreneurs and exponential technology experts, investors and advisor.

They both studied at Singularity University in 2015, an education center funded by Google with headquartered in a NASA park in Silicon Valley.

In the past, Cristina and Andrea founded Wish Days (Emozione3), a successful Italian case sold to Smartbox in 2016 after reaching 40 mln euros in business in 2015.