The role of research from a big company’s perspective


In this blog article we had the pleasure to interview Fabrizio Salvucci, Innovation Manager at GRUPPO SAPIO, a multinational company that produces industrial and medical gases and that - through its controlled companies Sapio Life, BioRep and - operates in the public and private healthcare sector and life-science space.

We are glad to have GRUPPO SAPIO as one of the main sponsors of MARS42 and, because of that, it will offer one scholarship for Life-Science researchers to attend the School.


Please, explain us how the Life-Science unit of GRUPPO SAPIO works.

Even though the GRUPPO SAPIO has started its story within the application of gas for technical usage, since many years it has developed a Business Unit completely dedicated to products and services within the Life Science sector.

The offer that today we are able to provide is designed - at 360° - on the patient’s life: through the supply within the hospital environment for the acute phase and through homecare services in order to guarantee territorial continuity.

Today we support thousands of patients in Italy with different diseases that range from Respiratory to Cardiological and recently also dialysis patients.

Our services are able to support the patient and the care giver thanks to a mix of solutions that starts from supplying the drug, the medical device, logistics services, health personnel and monitoring the vital parameters of the patient.

Our Group has always been sensitive to the topics related to the Digital Transformation and - in fact - we have recently acquired, an online platform for “Health disclosure”.

How do R&D and Innovation collaborate within GRUPPO SAPIO?

In the last couple of years the R&D Department and the Innovation Team have been at the centre of various reflections inside the company, as well as marketing, which in many business contexts covers one or both these roles. From this point of view GRUPPO SAPIO is not behind. In our company the R&D & Innovation Team are made of a single group which uses cross functional and adaptable teams depending on the needs of the business at hand. They have the role of researching, finding and experimenting potential ideas with the objective of discovering new markets and seize opportunities from unsatisfied needs of today’s market.

We then have Marketing, which comes to play in a second phase, when it’s time to think about Market Access and collaborating with the Sales Department. Thus, Marketing has the objective of discovering new segments in already existing markets.

Which changes are happening in companies in these areas?

The market has been imposing more and more on companies to redefine their organizational processes, and the areas with the biggest focus are the ones from which is expected an interpretation of the market shifts to gain more business opportunities. Up until recently it was believed that a dedicated team of internal personnel (divided between R&D and Marketing) was enough to guarantee the development and growth of the company.

We are living in a completely different era now where digital transformation is causing a total shift of the market. It’s getting harder and harder to hypothesize who will be our competitor and/or which products and services will actually answer the unmet needs of our core market. From this point of view companies are starting to realize they need to structure themselves more and more with innovation teams and new managerial figures (eg: Chief Innovation Manager, Chief Digital Manager) to support the more classical  C-Level Marketing figures.

Why did GRUPPO SAPIO decide to support MARS42?

We are and will be more and more looking for projects that allow us to reflect on Innovation themes and will allow us to get in contact with talents invested in themselves and interested in reflecting on new concepts, in order to diversify our business. We believe that MARS42 is the kind of initiative that allows us to fully pursue these objectives.

Regarding the scholarship sponsored by GRUPPO SAPIO, you can find more information here.