Program Structure


The first week of activities will be composed of five days kickoff, during which participants will deep dive into the methodology of the Lean Innovation and Job to Be Done.

The 6-week long project-work is lead remotely by teams built during the workshop. Each team will work to one innovative idea proposed either by the participants or by a corporate involved in the program.

The Final weekend of the program will see participants presenting their achievement to a panel of stakeholders such as the University management, local institutions and representatives of the companies.


Discover the Syllabus of MARS42

MARS42 is suitable for:


Researchers who want to learn and understand how R&D inside companies works, how to manage it and how it is evolving into open innovation.

Researchers who want to learn and understand how to start an entrepreneurial journey with their own scientific project.


MARS42 is a Summer School for Scientific Changemakers that provides Master of Science students, PhD students and Post-Docs with a guidance for reading research under a new light. A deep dive into scientific companies and startups that allow participants to understand what it takes to work in science based corporations, how to manage R&D for business and how to lead - or be part - of a startup project.

Learning outcomes 


Understanding the world of research outside academia, how companies work, what do they look for and how they manage Research and Development.

Acquiring the necessary skills to communicate your scientific project to the right audience, in the right way and to brand yourself.

Learning how to apply a scientific methodology to develop an Entrepreneurial research project that really meets the market needs, without wasting time and resources.

Discover the Syllabus of MARS42

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