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One scholarship available within the life-science space.


14th May 2018 - 29th June 2018

Program Structure


5-Day Residential bootcamp

Introduction to Innovation

The first phase of the journey at MARS42 starts with a 5-day bootcamp. After an initial kick-off, you deep dive into different innovation methodologies that let you - as a team - understand what the real need of your potential customers is.


4 Sessions of Remote coaching

Project Development

The second phase is led remotely and your required commitment is 1 day per week for 4 weeks. You work with the same team built during the bootcamp with the support of a dedicated coach in order to continue with the market discovery and strengthen your know-how.


2-Day Landing phase

Presentation Session

The final weekend of the program sees participants presenting their achievement to a panel of stakeholders such as the University management, local institutions, and representatives of public and private companies.

MARS42 is suitable for:



Researchers who want to explore the world outside the academia and generate an impact within the innovation space leveraging on their own scientific skills.



MARS42 is a school for Scientific Changemakers that provides PhD students and Post-Docs with a guidance for reading research under a new light. A deep dive into scientific companies and startups that allow participants to understand what it takes to work in science based corporations and how to lead - or be part - of a startup project.

Learning outcomes 


Understanding the world of research outside academia, how companies work, what do they look for and how they manage Research and Development.


Learning how to apply a scientific methodology to develop an Entrepreneurial research project that really meets the market needs, without wasting time and resources.


What Press says about us


One scholarship for Life-Science researchers sponsored by SAPIO GRUPPO

Gruppo Sapio is a multinational company that produces industrial and medical gases and - through its controlled companies Sapio Life, BioRep and - operates in the public and private healthcare sector and life-science space. In 1999 Gruppo Sapio decided to strengthen its support for the Italian scientific research and young researchers by promoting “Premio Sapio for Research and Innovation”, an important initiative that improves the cooperation between companies, universities, research centers.

We are and will be always looking to get in touch with talents who believes in themselves and are ready to build their future.

How the application process works


We will offer a scholarship sponsored by SAPIO to let a researcher attending MARS42.

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