The Importance of SPONSORS


R&D inside companies has changed a lot during the last years and staying on track with the new pace of innovation is one of today’s biggest challenges. We think that the best way for the companies to tackle these challenges is to foster the contamination among different realities, especially from the world of Academia. MARS42 is the perfect place to make it happen: a unique opportunity for the companies to collaborate with highly specialized PhDs, favouring the contamination of multiple backgrounds and the emergence of unexpected solutions coming from the state of the art science.


Main areas of interest for the challenges











How MARS42 can help you on this side?


Become one of the main sponsors of the MARS42 2018 Edition

You can sponsor the new edition of MARS42 and become part of the Steering Committee. You will have the opportunity to decide together with The Doers and Sissa the themes of the edition.



Propose an innovative challenge to one of the MARS42’s teams 

You can sponsor a team by offering scholarships to its members. The team will work on a business idea you desire, in order to let you gain a problem/market position paper.




Get access to participants’ profiles and meet them

You have the opportunity to contact the participants and offer them scholarships amounting up to 90% of the cost of the School.